Web-site closing, blog / newsletter starting

We expect this web-site to go off-line in early October. The 'lease' won't be renewed - that decision is due to rising costs and decreasing web sales. (Numerous IT problems haven't helped either). We aren't planning to stop completely but have had a hard think about what we do and how, and several significant changes are due over the next few months. The intent is to continue to supply scenery and accessories but in a less stressful and more rewarding way.

The e-mail address will continue to operate after October and we intend to distribute sales lists and/or newsletters to those on our mailing lists. You will still be able to pay online.

We are looking at a blog and/or e-newsletter as a partial replacement for the web-site. If this is something you're interested in, please send in your e-mail address with a brief covering note along the lines of, "I'm interested in receiving a blog and/or newsletter from you by e-mail - please use [e-mail address]". This is still at an early stage, though we'd like to give people the chance to opt in while we still have the web-site.