Elmet Cameos

One of our new lines is a series of mini-dioramas, cameo scenes which you can either work into a layout or have as a stand-alone model. As these are hand-built, they will be unique even if we copy the idea. Thanks to those people who bought our first cameos at Pickering (2013), they proved the idea has 'legs' and although we are not sure quite how the idea will develop, we look forward to finding out and having some fun in the process!

September 2014:

Now, the rude series! Having had the cute series, the gardening series, the pond series and the animal series, it's time for some 'bad taste'...

February 2016:

What next? Can you guess? Answers on a postcard... (OK, or on an e-mail). No rules, no prizes, though if we like your answer well enough, you might get a freebie!

May 2017:

Two new series now in production...