Limited edition 'OO' wagon

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We hear much these days about red tape, both of the home-grown variety and cheap European imports, but I have yet to see a railway wagon or lorry loaded with it. Logic would suggest that once produced, red tape has to be moved to where it is to be used. Now, OO gauge modellers can show this commodity being shipped around the railway network, courtesy of this limited edition wagon.

The wagon is based on the Dapol LMS vent van. Obviously, this is a non-prototypical wagon livery, of a ‘tongue in cheek’ nature, similar to ‘Bumf’ factories, haggis farms and chocolate mines, all of which I have seen on layouts.

There is a limited number of 156 pristine wagons and 39 weathered and the price is £12 per wagon (plus P&P of £2.50). The attached photo compares the appearance of both finishes. The wagons are listed in the Elmet Images modelling exclusives section of this web-site's gallery.