Prints, pictures and little pictures

Following an enquiry about the possibility of a 12x8 print of one of our pictures, we'd like to say that yes, this is possible. We would use a local photo developer as this gives us/him much more control over the colour of the print than if we take it to a general commercial printer. (It's a more a question of equipment and machinery rather than skill or competence!)

Framed pictures
We could provide a print just as a print, or mount it or frame it for you as well. As the latter has scope for many different styles, we'd really need to talk to you to know what you have in mind.

Little pictures (for model-makers)
We now have packs of pictures in (nominally) 4mm and 7mm scales for those model-makers who wish to add extra detail to their houses/railway layouts. The pictures are taken from our photos (and four of Malcolm's pictures) and the frames from a variety of those around our houses.

If you model in a different scale (whether 1:148 N Gauge or 1:18 dolls house) then let us know, we can adjust the sheets to a suitable scale for you and run off one pack to your requirements. Any specific wishes as to pictures and/or frames can be accommodated. Should you wish to use your own photos/pictures in the frames, then this can also be done to your order - please contact us for further details.

Each of the 'ordinary' packs have four (two pairs of) sheets in, together with an instruction/information sheet.